Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Ryanair incident prompts communication question

First impressions are that the Ryanair decompression scare over France was handled precisely according to the book. But the incident raise questions which need addressing.

The first consideration when pressure is lost aboard an aircraft at altitude must be to preserve the crew's abililty to function and descend to an altitude at which passengers can breathe normally.

Terrifying though the incident may have been, pilots and cabin crew can hardly reassure passengers when donning and wearing their own oxygen masks.

But apart from the question why decompression occurred the incident prompts me to wonder whether there is some other way to for flight deck or cabin crew to communicate with and calm travellers in such circumstances.

Passengers are already warned of such eventualities in the pre take off safety briefing.

How about a pre recorded message on in flight entertainment screens - which cabin crew could flash up with one touch of a button?

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