Monday, 12 December 2011

Cathay to launch premium economy

Good news for long legged travellers who don't want to pay the full whack for business class. Cathay Pacific is the latest airline to launch a premium economy cabin on its long haul flights. Seats will have six inches more leg room than those in economy. They will also be wider and will recline further and will be equipped with 10.6in entertainment screens and laptop power points. Passengers will be able to connect personal devices and view content on the screens. The new class will be available for booking from March and the first flights equipped with the seats will take off in April. The airline plans to have fitted them on 87 aircraft by the end of 2013. They will appear first on services between its Hong Kong base and Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver and New York routes. Next will come those to London,other European cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the rest of Cathay's long haul network.

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