Thursday, 9 February 2012

New holiday protection in force this spring

New protection to ensure consumers are not left out of pocket or stranded abroad when travel companies go bust will come into force on April 30, the Government has confirmed. The so called Flight Plus rules are designed to reduce confusion among travellers over whether or not they are protected. They reflect the trend towards DIY holiday arrangements – piecing together flights, accommodation and maybe car hire to tailor make a package, rather than booking one straight from a tour operator's brochure. The Department for Transport has decided that if you request a flight booking and go back to a travel agent by close of play the following day to add a hotel or rental car, that will constitute a package for the purposes of the law. The rule will apply whether you book through a High Street agent or an on line travel agency. It ensures you are covered by the same safety net provided under the exisiting ATOL (air travel organisers' licence) scheme – so you get your money back if a firm goes under before you depart on holiday and you are brought home if it happens while you're away.

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