Saturday, 7 March 2015

Transatlantic flights - faster from Robin Hood Airport?

Sea food near Boston
How much benefit will transatlantic passengers get from Aer Lingus’ new connecting service between Doncaster Sheffield (Robin Hood) Airport and Dublin? As the same airline also operates from Leeds-Bradford it will clearly depend on a mix of fares and access times. 

I made a sample comparison at the start of June and found that total journey times from Leeds-Bradford to Boston and back were shorter than those from Robin Hood (12hrs20mins out, 8hrs 25mins back)* and the fare was around £40 lower. Clearly that may not always be the case. It’s equally clear that if you are a cheap taxi ride from Robin Hood and can save the time and expense of parking your car, using the new service, which starts on May 29 and will operate five times a week, should be a no brainer.

* These times may be different on other dates

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