Monday, 16 March 2015

Where to escape the skiing Brits

Among Europe's major ski areas this might just be the place you are least likely to run into a table full of Schnapps fired Brits. Austria's Ski Amade region continues to surprise and delight. But relatively few UK accents are to be heard here in the mountains south of Salzburg. (outside the school holidays, that is, when, according the locals, their numbers increase.) 

You wonder why. There's mile upon mile of excellent intermediate terrain. The lift networks are top class - some chairs have heated seats. Though much of the skiing is below the tree line snow conditions are currently good - with the exception of some seriously heavy wet sugar on the low, home runs. And if that saps your energy there are more place to eat and drink on the slopes than I have encountered anywhere in nearly a half century on skis: lovely little Almen where you can fill up on classics such as broth with cheese dumplings, Tiroler G'rostl or Wiener Schnitzel. And with the £ strong against he Euro it's all great value.

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