Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Budapest's latest cooking star

Jerusalem artichoke consomm√© with veal and chestnut, saddle of venison with mushroom tortellini, asparagus panna cotta: sound good? They’re all dishes you might be offered at Tanti – the latest Budapest restaurant to win a Michelin star. Its chef is Istvan Pesti. The Hungarian capital now has four (the others are Costes, Onyx and Borkonyha). It has a long tradition of good cooking. Tanti means Auntie, one of the more easily graspable translations in the opaque Hungarian language. It’s on the hilly, Buda side of the city. Compare the prices with those at Michelin starred establishments in west Europe. At the current exchange rate to could dine – with a bottle of pinot noir, for example, for around £70.

Buda Castle (courtesy

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