Thursday, 16 April 2015

Norway - safari walk in search of musk ox

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Musk ox are not known to be aggressive - but you wouldn't want to test them to the limit. They may not be built like Mo Farah but they can hit 60 km per hour (over 35mph) when roused. You may see and photograph them in Norway's Dovrefjell National Park. Guided excursions  are available from Oppdal railway station with Oppdal Booking (you must come by car or inform them in advance if you aren't driving there)'t from Kongsvold with  Kongsvold Fjeldstue. Both trips involve walking so you'll need outdoor clothes including a hat, good, weatherproof shoes or boots and - though there's no guarantee it'll be essential - sun screen. They cost NOK375 or NOK350 (about £32/£30 or US$48/45) per adult respectively. More information about Norway is at

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