Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Mount Fuji by helicopter

Tempted to blow the kids’ inheritance? Here’s a start: a view of Japan’s Mount Fuji – iconic in the true sense – from a private helicopter. Tokyo’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel is offering a “Helicopter Flycation” package comprising one night for two in a suite with breakfast, a flight to the famously snow capped 3776 metre (12,380ft) mountain – it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site - a bottle of pink champagne and (just to make the deal completely irresistible) a seasonal pound cake. 

The price: £4375, US$6465 or €6000 – approximate amounts based on current exchange rates). Better not gloat in front of the kids. On the other hand if they're in lucrative employment and you’re senior travellers with a big anniversary coming…….. 

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