Friday, 1 May 2015

Rattenberg - the prettiest town in Austria?

Rattenberg is reckoned to be the smallest town in Austria. It also has a claim to being the prettiest. Wander in the pedestrian only centre and stop for an alfresco cake and a coffee in the sunshine at one of its enticing Konditorei (does any nation in Europe make more wondrous cakes than the Austrians?) and you won’t need much more convincing. It’s in Tirol, not far east of Innsbruck on the River Inn. To explore it, you park and walk. It has only 400 or so inhabitants, is overlooked by a castle built in the 10th century – and its main street is an ensemble of buildings, many medieval in origin, which would have made Pevsner drool. It’s Augustiner Museum houses a fine collection of Tyrolean art. It is also a centre of glass manufacture. 

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