Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Milan expo - hotels rates up but bargains still around

Crocodile burger anyone? Milan’s hoteliers are reaping the benefit of Expo. The average daily rate in June was up by 29.5% -compared with the same month last summer. That said it’s still only €177.63 (around £125), which is pretty reasonable for a major city and suggests that there are some bargains to be had alongside the five star extravagances. The figures come from industry researchers STR Global. Hotels in the city filled just under 11% more rooms. Overall, hotel prices in Italy rose by 12.3% on average, suggesting Expo is also having a beneficial knock on effect in the rest of the country. Expo’s theme is feeding the planet sustainably – ensuring enough healthy food for everyone. But that doesn’t mean it’s all o faced and lecturing. Over 140 countries are represented on the huge site (more than 1m square metres) to the north west of the city centre – and there promise to be plenty of opportunities to taste the food they produce in the many pavilions and restaurants. The crocodile meat hamburger is on offer in the Zimbabwe pavilion. More conventional burgers – and lobster rolls – are often available from the US food truck. And also outside on the site’s walkways there are Belgian fries and mayonnaise, Neapolitan shrimp, Parisian crêpes, Moroccan tagine

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