Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Potatoes and asparagus - for pudding?

In France, invariably something new.  Whoever heard of potates and asparagus as a dessert? It's on offer at the Hotel les Prateaux, in Noirmoutier en Ile. Local bonotte potatoes which, in the manner of Jersey Royals, are much prized by cooks across France, and the asparagus are each whipped into a kind of mousse and served with grapefruit anf dark chocolate. To tell the truth I wouldn't have idenntified the vegetables in a blind tasting but  the overall impact made it worth overcoming my initial scepticism. The island of Nomoutier, once linked to the  mainlad bya causeway which was submerged at high tide but now connected by a bridge. is off the coast of the Vendee region. The hotel is a few minutes from the sea which, with temperatures this week soaring into the high 30s, is almost as warm as the Mediterranean. It.s too hot to walk so a little vigorous swimming is esential  if you are to make it past teh main course and cheese to that extraordinary pud.

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