Thursday, 20 August 2015

Airlines extend delay payouts

Two UK budget airlines have agreed to compensate passengers for delays caused by ordinary technical faults, says the Civil Aviation Authority. Jet2 and Wizz Air are no longer limiting payouts to flights disrupted by unforeseen problems. The Authority announced in March that it would take action against them. It was concerned they were not compensating customers for hold ups caused by routine technical problems despite an earlier Court of Appeal decision that they should. The authority said Jet2 had also addressed another issue, by no longer refusing to process claims more than two years old - in defiance of another Court of Appeal ruling. The airline is now processing claims dating back six years. But, said the Authority's chief executive Andrew Haines, "Hungarian airline, Wizz Air, has refused to remove its two-year limit on claims, and the CAA has now referred this matter to the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection (HACP), which is the local regulator best placed to take forward this enforcement action." The HACP had greed to take up the case. “We are determined to stand up for passengers and will continue to review how airlines are treating, and responding to, their customers in practice. “Furthermore, while we recognise not every claim for compensation will be eligible, we are keen to hear from people who feel they have not been treated fairly and where we believe airlines are not complying with the law, we will pursue all available enforcement options.”

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