Thursday, 1 October 2015

New budget US flights from Ireland planned

Low cost airline Norwegian is seeking to widen its fast expanding long haul network with the launch of direct flights from Cork, in the south of Ireland, to Boston. Starting in May it plans to operate four or five service a week from the city, which has a large population of Irish extraction.

The carrier already flies there from Gatwick - as well as New York, LA, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. It hopes the Cork flights will be operated by its Irish subsidiary Norwegian Air International (NAI) but the operation must first get the green light from the US authorities. Chief executive officer Bjorn Kjos says: "This is only the beginning of our plans for new routes in Ireland but our expansion relies on the U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) finally approving Norwegian Air International’s application for a foreign carrier permit. Only DoT approval for NAI will unlock the door for these exciting new routes, creating more competition, more choice and better fares for business and leisure passengers on both sides of the Atlantic." Seasoned observers of the airline scene will continue to watch the airline's progress with fascination, particularly following the past failure of so many budget carriers to sustain long haul operations. The problem for such operators has been that as the flight distance increases, so do fuel and crew costs as a proportion of expenditure. Norwegian, which claims to be Europe's third latest low cost airline, says it intends to start flying from Cork to Barcelona at around the same time and to New York from 2017.

Regular visitors to these pages will be aware that Boston is a favourite of mine. See my article on the Freedom Trail - a marked route that enables tourists to explore it on foot.   

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