Thursday, 18 February 2016

Cuba - US tourist floodgates still closed

There's a serious risk British tourists may gain the impression that Cuba will be overrun by American tourists this year. News reports that Washington and Havana have agreed the resumption of scheduled flights between the two coin tries have failed to make it clear that general tourism is still not permitted. Representatives of the US and Cuban governments have formally signed a deal allowing such flights for the first time in half a century. US airlines will have the opportunity of operating up to flights to Havana and up to 10 to Cuba's her airports. But so far only Americans in certain categories are allowed to travel there. These include people with close relatives in Cuba, government officials, journalists and those involved in educational projects. This is not to say the floodgates won't be opened soon - but at present they remain shut. So if you're planning to go, better go soon.

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