Thursday, 19 May 2016

BA confirms free shortfall economy food may go

British Airways' new chief executive has confirmed that the airline is considering whether to axe free food in economy on short haul flights. Quoted in an interview with Travel Weekly he promises that if it does happen, BA's meals will be the best on offer. It was also possible passengers would be able to order their choices in advance. According to one report it might provide snacks bought in from Waitress. Would paying on board be such a bad thing? Not in my opinion. The airline's current snacks aren't enough if you're starving and are redundant if you're heading home for dinner. If I was really hungry I would certainly be happy to pay for one of those very acceptable curries that the airline offers on longer flights, for example, though that's probably a wish too far. Behind the speculation lies the impact of low fare airlines, whose services have been going through a period of mushroom growth (see earlier report here). It has not been lost on observers that BA's newly installed chief executive came from one of those carriers - the Spanish airline Vueling. Making passengers pay for their gin and tonics would be one way of shaving costs and helping it to compete more effectively on fares.

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Unknown said...

Um, I'm confused by "shortfall" in the title & copy. Has spell-check gone into auto amok mode?

That would also explain BA providing meals bought in from "Waitress"!