Saturday, 7 May 2016

Warsaw set for new tourist upsurge


Krakow may have a more prominent tourist profile but this image, captured on a summer day of grey skies, illustrates why Warsaw should not be overlooked. It shows three layers of the Polish capital's history. In the foreground is a surviving section of the wall which penned the city's Jews in one of two ghettos created by the Nazis. In the background is the massive Palace of Culture of Culture and Science, built during the Soviet domination - known as Stalin's gift. And leaning out between those two layers is a modern building, a symbol of the Polish capital's more recent, post Communist vibrancy. You can read more about the city here or in my blogs to here and here. Meanwhile Warsaw may be heading for another tourist upsurge with the launch later this year of new flights by Ryanair from no fewer than five UK provincial airports. In time for next winter the low cost airline will start operating there from Newcastle, Leeds-Bradford, Belfast, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

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