Monday, 19 September 2016

French tolls sans fumbling for change

A first opportunity to use my new Liber-t tag on French autoroutes. Now available in the UK it enables you to sail through toll gates without queuing or fumbling for change - and saves your passenger the irritation of leaning out to take tickets or make payments. The small electronic device, attached to the inside of your windscreen, triggers the barrier and results in the tolls being deducted automatically from your UK bank account. It works brilliantly, though I confess I didn't have quite enough confidence to drive at the recommended speed through the telepeage channel marked 30 kilometres per hour . One point that may interest readers. Operator Sanef Tolling ( warns that unless your car- or in my case car with roof box - is lower than 2 metres, you need to go through an unrestricted channel, in which case it might occasionally be wrongly charged as a commercial vehicle. Cue much careful measuring before setting off. I was clearly below the safety height. But I needn't have worried in any case. On a round trip of over 1800 kms autoroute I didn't encounter a single height restricted channel. Tolls remain expensive - they amounted to around £145on a journey to the far southwest of France and back. And the damaged has been worsened by the impact of Brexit on the exchange rate. But at least my new gizmo eased the pain a little.