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Venice day fee now payable online

Day trippers to Venice can pay the €5 charge in advance online – but travellers staying in the city and paying the tourist tax should go to to the site to request exemption vouchers. Exemptions must be requested for each person staying.

The Venice Access Fee applies to the historical city, including Giudecca, on the southern side of the Grand Canal and is payable on 29 days between until mid-July – from 8.30am to 4pm. It does not affect people visiting the small islands of the lagoon, such as the Lido, Torcello, Burano and Murano. It also excludes travellers passing Piazzale Roma,Tronchetto or Stazione Marittima without entering the historical city.


The fee has been introduced to discourage day visitors at times of peak tourism. The website shows a list of the days on which it is applicable during 2024. Online payment triggers the issue of a QR code designed to streamline the process of entry.

NB: If you are travelling with a tour operator or cruise line the company may collect the fee for you. So it’s important to check before forking out.


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