Venice set to launch day trip charge

Venice authorities are said to be intent on bringing in a €10 charge for day trippers as the retreat of COVID sees a resurgence of tourism. As with moves to ban large cruise ships from its centre – which finally took effect in 2021- efforts to control numbers in the city have a habit of running into delays. But the fee is expected to be introduced for a six month trial period in June, before being launched permanently in January. The new tax won't affect UK based visitors unless they drop in during driving holidays. Savvy travellers know that the city is much more pleasant away from the busy summer months, when only the main shopping streets and honeypots such as the Rialto and the Riva degli Schiavoni – the waterfront between St Mark's Square and the Arsenale are heaving with tourists. That's when lesser known delights such as the island of Torcello at the northern end of the lagoon, whose Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta contains mosaics that are among the great treasures of Europe, can be blissfully quiet.